What to buy your baby for Christmas!

Christmas has literally snuck up on us really quickly and I suddenly went in to panic mode this week - OMG, I haven't got the girls anything yet!!

Last year was the first year I had to buy gifts for my own child, when buying for friends and family, I buy what I think they may like, something thats relevant to their current situation (new home, job etc) or a token gift which could be humorous.

Buying for your own child now, that a whole new ball game. Something I quickly discovered last year to be a lot more conscious and challenging than I thought it'd be. Do I buy one present? No, thats not enough. Do I buy something expensive? No, she's a baby. Do I buy something I need for her? No, wheres the Christmas spirit in that? Or do I buy loads, it's her first Christmas? Probably shouldn't, does she really need it all?

Luckily last year I came across Vlogger Emily Norris' Video on buying for her toddler at Christmas and she shared a really useful gifting formula that I now use for Christmas and Birthdays for both of my girls! Funnily enough it was my mummy friend @an.oridjinal.story who reminded me of it in my secret Christmas panic, thanks babes!

So, when buying for your children and struggling on what to get and whats too much/too little heres a good formula to go buy:

Main present: Something they want

A useful present: Something they need, this year I got pyjamas for the girls

An educational present: For my girls this year I got them puzzles that teach them both colours and numbers.

A book/s

A token gift: I.e. Christmas/birthday teddy

Once I know I have covered all these area I know that all the gifts are purchased with a reason behind them and personally helps me justify buying loads when the other half (Aka The Grinch! lol) questions the need for so many present haha! They're not even going to remember any of this Simran! If I had a £1 for the amount of times I've heard that one!!

Note; This formula is to help you know you have covered all areas and does not necessarily mean you need to get one of each, of course stick to what fits your budget, the purpose of Christmas is about family and love and the gifts are of course a bonus, in the same instinct if you can afford to get more than these that too is wonderful!

If you would like a 'What I bought my girls for Christmas' Video or Blog, leave me a comment or like this post and I will have one ready as part of my Christmas Vlogs/Posts!

Do you have any traditions when it comes to buying your gifts or any formulas you go by? if so I'd love to know! Drop me a comment below!

xo Simran

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