New Home!

Okay, so not quite literally, but a new home for the blog! Yay!

I have been meaning to go live for some time now but of course, the over thinker I am - I didn't!

What do you think guys?!

This will be the new home for Simran Kay and lotssss of exciting new things to come.. Did you peep the shop!

I wanted soo badly to transfer over my previous blog posts, but unfortunately I am yet to be able to. Theres so much on there that I love reading over, that show my journey to motherhood, where it all started - I'm still working on it, but 'til then it may just be an excuse for a cheeky story time, coming soon! Although I did manage to import my Youtube channel which at least is half the story!

With my new look, comes new posts, new topics to discuss and a whole new stage of motherhood as I am soon to have two TODDLERS! I can not believe how time has flown by!

As well as lots of 'lifestyle' chitchat, self care, my favourite beauty trends and products and more! - All tied together of course with the nappies, tantrums and playdates!

Can't wait to get chatting again!


Simran Kay xo

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