Lazy Sunday

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

There’s nothing like a good lazy Sunday, curled up in bed till whenever, roll out and straight on to the sofa, only to get up for food until you’ve eaten too much you’re sleepy and back to bed you go....

Oh to be 20 again...

Today has been a Lazy Sunday but a very lazy Mamas Sunday, an unavoidable one - The entire household has been sick with the Norovirus - if you’re aware of the virus you’ll know it’s the absolute WORST!

My poor bub, Naila got it first, then Noori, then MJ and then of course Me, just when I thought I may have got away with it. It honestly has taken us just over a week to recover and we’re still not 100% - definitely could do with two days KO in bed. But, with being a mama resting and recovering is something you fit in as and when you can. Which means my recovery, compared to Daddy’s takes a lot longer!

I don’t think either of us have been this sick for a very long time and it honestly takes everything out of you! The worst part of it all is knowing how rough it is and watching your babies go through it too - and can I just say, they’re little soldiers!!

With all the down time this week I made it my mission to complete a task I‘ve had on my to do list for ever! - Don’t know about you guys but around this time of year I get a bit anxious with reflecting on my to do list. I start realising the goals I didn’t hit or tasks I haven‘t yet completed this far in to the year, with 2020 fast approaching and boy does it spike my anxiety levels!

It’s like I suddenly feel the need to rush and complete everything!! Not realising the stuff I have completed this year or any of the goals I’ve achieve! Yes I wish I would have ticked off more but plans often change and boy did my January 2019 start off with a HUGE change, going from having one baby to two!

Having said that it has also motivated me to utilise the rest of the year as much as possible and tick off a few more things!

Do you guys also get a bit anxious and reflective around this time of year? Do you feel the pressure? or is it just me?!

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