Just another lockdown, ramble.

At the beginning of the year I had so many goals and so much I wanted to cross of my to-do list, especially for my blog, little did I expect to be sitting here approaching May having not written one post this year.

2020 this far has been unimaginable for so many. We're in the middle of a pandemic and we are all on lock-down, with the majority of us now having been home for over 6 weeks. In the grand scheme of things this doesn't really sound like long and I feel like I sound like I'm complaining, I'm not. In fact, although I am working from home with my two babies running around and MJ walking in and out of my zoom meetings, I am happy. Happy I am lucky enough to be home and be safe. Yes, moments are difficult. Being in one place and not having the usual comforts of being able to go for a coffee with friends, just to get out of the house or drop the kids to my Mum's for a few hours or the night, truly have been missed. But being home has its benefit too.

Personally, I have tried my hardest not to stress myself out to get those annoying jobs done like sort out that draw or those letters. Instead, I have been focusing on being present, in the moment with my kids, MJ and those I care about and finding what makes me happy and at peace when I unplug. Since having kids, this has been something I have struggled with. I had put it down to motherhood and the changes it brings to how you prioritise your time and energy and to be honest, I have always felt guilty when doing something that makes me an only myself happy or brings me that sense of calm and peace, because I have kids and well, they should always come first. Lock-down has definitely reminded me that I am NOT Wonder Woman and it's okay to take breaks even as a mum! (we'll get more in to that discussion another day!) With that reminder I chose to use this time to wisely, knowing we probably won't ever get time like this again, especially us Mums!

Prioritising a few things a week or day for me have had such a huge positive impact on my mood and motivation levels to do other stuff during this lock-down period, like sorting through my cupboards etc. Hopefully in me sharing what I've been doing, I may be able to help someone else feeling the lock-down blues or pressures to be doing loads at home that I had been feeling a couple weeks ago;

The first being, Meditation even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes of a morning (sometimes after a workout in the garden if the weathers nice), starts my day off right. As well as meditation, focusing on my health in general with out the excuse of too busy, by simply just remembering to take my vitamins for example - this has definitely improved my energy levels.

Cooking more and finding a new love for it and my Kitchen - am I the only one who sometimes finds cooking a chore, rather than therapeutic or fun? I put off experimenting in the kitchen because of the fear, I guess, of whom ever I was cooking for not enjoying it. Now, I am enjoying being in the kitchen again and experimenting because it's for me and the satisfaction of craving something and recreating it is becoming a new addiction haha. It's also a place where I can be left to it, if I want to be or a place where I can bond with the kids and MJ.

And finally, writing, this time on lock-down so far has honestly reminded me, we are all the same. I have been so anxious about sharing any form of my writing, my thoughts and opinions (especially, in this time of social media), that it stopped me from sharing or at times even writing. Lock-down has given me the reminder I think we all needed, which was we are all the same and we are all going through this, all our lives are on hold or could be effected by this, no matter; skin colour, religion, age, location, tax bracket, sexual preference, kids or no kids. We are all the same. So, I questioned why the fear, why the anxiety and I began to write again.

With that said, again, no schedule of when I am going to post but I am back.

I am just going to write what I feel and post what I want and when - whether that be Mum related, Simran related, hacks, fashion, opinions, rants, recommendation, kids activites, food, as long as I'm posting for now is what my aim is!

For now, from this hopeful Mama, to you.. until the next post xo


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