Dear 2019...

You started off the best way I could ever imagine, with the birth of our beautiful Naila. This year she and Noori have given me all my joy and happiness, the drive I’ve needed to get through!

Only God knows how hard this year has been on me on a personal level, as I finally began the journey of finding myself and discovering what that really means.

Despite the obstacles you threw my way, 2019, you have taught me many things; to be present more, to pray more, to appreciate the here and now, to not worry about the what ifs (although, I’m still learning!) You’ve taught me to love myself, from the inside out and to invest in myself - the best version of I is the best mother, friend, wife, daughter, sister.

I have truly fallen in love with the process of becoming the best version of me and finally understood that it’s a PROCESS!

2019, thank you for a closer relationship to God and for the new relationships formed with friends, the blossomed relationships, the nourished relationships and those that are no longer relationships anymore. They have all taught me lessons and have given me the best memories.

As you close for the decade, I just want to say - it’s been a real one, I have gone from a teen to a Graduate, to a Mother of two in 10 years. If that’s not growth, I don’t know what is!

Heres to more growth over the next decade, more self love, new and strengthened relationships, new goals set and achieved, more happiness, success and money! (why not hey?!)

Say it with me, This will be the decade of success, multiple streams of income, the decade of fun, enjoyment, love and family!

Love always,

Simran xo


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