Baby Sleep Hacks & Must have Apps!

I remember when I had Noori and everyone would say quite she’s sleeping don’t make a sound. At a few days old, MJ turned to me and said no wonder babies wake up easily everyone’s so quiet around them, that’s not happing with our kids. Initially I thought seriously, let our baby sleep! But now I am so thankful, our girls stay asleep through all sorts of noise we could be at a wedding and music blaring and they would sleep through.

This doesn’t mean to say we used to have music blaring but when we had guest or needed to clean and do the hoover around them we wouldn’t tone it down. It worked really well with Noori and we’ve found it to work again with Naila.

We also made good use of white noise apps such as White noise deep sleep sounds - a free app which has loads of different calming sleep sounds which plays for an hour free but if you buy the premium app I believe it can be looped. Our girls like the shh sound and driving in the rain, 5 mins of this if they wake up in the night (most likely due to teething or runny nose) and they’re back to sleep! I also play the rain sound as they’re having their massage after bathtime to help relax them.

If you have an Amazon Alexa at home you can also say ‘play rain sounds on loop’ and it will play continuously.

Another app we love at bedtime is Moshi Twilight. This app is better for toddler ages (1+) when using the story telling - it is also a skill that can be activated within your Amazon Alexa. The free version of the app has a choice of two stories, both stories are told with sleep sound effects in the background which help sooth baby to sleep. Noori loves ‘Close your eyes sleepy paws’ if she it still a bit restless after the bedtime routine I usually play it for her and she is asleep before it ends!

These apps and tricks on the Alexa are definitely must haves for all parents with young babies who often wake up or new mamas they have been a God send in getting us good nights sleep and are now part of our routine!

xo Simran

Note: I am not sponsored by any of the above these are my opinions based of personal experience!

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