I’m Simran Kay, 26, Mummy of two from London! Welcome to my brand new website and new home of my motherhood, lifestyle and self-care blog! 

Blogging has always been a desire of mine, but trying to find the right inspiration hasn’t been easy. In 2016 I started my blog and dabbled in a bit of vlogging based on my personal battles with anxiety, but by the end of the year everything in my world completely changed as I found out I was pregnant! While pregnant my desire to get back to blogging grew stronger and stronger and with this new beautiful journey came brand new inspiration..

Whats Simran Kay and why now?

Since having my first born, its fair to say a lot has changed. Becoming a mother changes you without you even knowing, you grow as a person and in tern your outlook on life and situations you go through change. I decided to finally commit to blogging as a diary through the motherhood journey and to take on the struggles, as well as the joys with my self at the centre. 

It may seem strange to some, to suggest a self centred motherhood journey but in order to raise and look after your children you need to look after yourself, as cliche as that may sound, its the honest truth. Something I discovered to be true after a tough first year on the job! 

Join me through the ups and the downs of motherhood and on my journey to self care with my two beautiful, witty, smart and definitely cheeky little munchkins. 

How can you contact me?

I can’t wait to hear from you and all about your mummy experiences – you can always leave a comment or contact me directly here.

You can also find me on social media:

Twitter: @SimranKay

Instagram: @Simrankay_ 

Simran xo

Note: Motherhood, my way is based on personal experiences and opinions, I do not hold any medical qualifications and no two pregnancies are identical, therefore for any medical quires please seek the advice of your OBG/Midwife/Doctor.


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